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    Plays 3-8 players, in 30 minutes, suitable for ages 8+

    “What the Food?!” is a quick and easy to learn card game for 3-8 players capturing the experience of a classic cafeteria food fight! Grab food, throw funny combos at your opponents and duck to avoid “humiliation” points! Play as one of 10 classmates caught in the crossfire, each with their own style! Gain new actions mid-fight and keep an eye out for random school events creating instant chaos!

    Featuring 130 colorful cards (condiment targeting cards, foods, toppings, actions, events and more!), 100 humiliation tokens, and 1 fun hamburger starting player token.

    What the Food?! is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising funding above and beyond our original goal for even more exciting experience. (Thank you!). The game is now released in stores! If you missed the campaign, no worries – orders are available in our store so that you too can start a big food fight at your table!

  • What the Food?! Special Edition

    38 new cards!

    What the Food?! Special Edition introduces all new flavors to your classic food fight! Pick on the new kids – 5 bonus characters join the fray, each with their own unique abilities. Pile on the humiliation points with many more foods, toppings and conditions, and discover all new actions and events for a cafeteria battle you won’t forget!

    Note: Requires Standard Copy of “What the Food?!” to play!

What the Food?! Kickstarter page

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