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Fellow game designers, app developers, artists, illustrators, writers and more!

  • collaborator_petervaughan

    Peter Vaughan

    Designer, Artist

    CEO of Squirmy Beast, and designer of What the Food?! Send me a tweet or msg, I’m happy to connect!

  • collaborator_jasoncarter

    Jason Carter

    Stereographer, Tech Lead, Pirate

    Jason was one of the key members of our “What the Food?!” development team. If you find yourself laughing at funny food combos, that was most definitely his handiwork.

  • collaborator_sebastienduclos

    Sebastien Duclos

    Story Artist, Illustrator, Classic Animation Guy

    Sebastien is passionate about art and life. His illustration work, featured in “What the Food?!” truly brings the characters to life. We’re happy to say we got him hooked on games now!

  • collaborator_bradbrooks

    Brad Brooks

    Game Designer, App Builder, Pants Wearer

    Brad turned relentless nitpicking into a co-designer credit on the board game Aloha: Spirit of Hawaii, and popsicle sticks into an iOS app. What’s next?

  • collaborator_douglaseboch

    Douglas Eboch

    Writer, Director, Adventurer

    “Doug wrote the original script for Sweet Home Alabama and the game
    Nightmare Cove.” We value his expertise on story here at Squirmy Beast!

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