Boomtown Bandits

2-5 players, 30 minutes, ages 13+

Each player controls a camp of bandits and the goal is to rob this boomtown blind, shootin’ anyone who gets in the way! Who will rob the most money and be the baddest bandit of them all?

Get ready for a frantic real-time shoot em’ up with fast action, big scores, and strategic placement for quick fun for the so-so and not-so serious fun seekers everywhere. You’ll send your bandits to hold up banks, saloons, trains, even a brothel with fun weapons and abilities to out wit and out roll your friends and family.

Read the rules, and get ready to play!

NEW! July 2015 – Limited quantity of copies available for sale at Gen Con 2015 or for pre-order at Breaking Games in advance of our worldwide release at Spiel in Essen later this fall! Please join our mailing list for more news on the game. Thank you!